Our History

Lighthouse Baptist Church was established in 1998 in the basement of the Bowen family, they met at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and various locations until semi-permanently settling at the old school house by the airport in Plainwell. Our motto was, “If you could find us, you’d like us!”

Construction began on the property that was so graciously donated by Ms. Millie Dekoster. What started as a small pavilion for warm summer evening services and events, soon saw a church building standing tall in what was once used to grow and harvest crops.

Today, with an average attendance of over 200, Lighthouse Baptist Church continues to grow. Currently, there are over 20 ministries which provide lots of opportunity for service and ministry. With full service schedules on Sunday and on Wednesday night. We currently support 32 missionaries around the world, and we have ministries operating throughout the week, so the Word of God is being preached 24-7.