Lighthouse Baptist Academy

Our Academy has K-12 grade. The school is a ministry for children of church members and those of like faith. It utilizes the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum. Lighthouse Baptist Academy has also achieved model school status.

Lighthouse Baptist Academy Covid-19 Response Resolution
This document is intended to provide guidance for the families of Lighthouse Baptist Academy (LBA) while dealing with the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

  1. Masks are required per the governor’s requirements, except while eating. Masks may not be monitored by the staff at all time.
  2. Masks may be required to participate in Field Trips, if one is required at the field trip destination.
  3. Temperatures of each student will be checked at drop off until a future date to be determined. Should a fever be detected from a student, it is expected they will go home with the parent at that time.
  4. Parents are to monitor the following symptoms and remove the student from LBA should any of these symptoms be present.
    In the previous 48 hours has your student had: -Fever/chills -Cough -Difficulty breathing -Sore throat -Been exposed to anyone with these symptoms
  5. During school hours it is advised that students do not share personal items such as, straws, eating utensils, combs/brushes, food of any kind; and refrain from drinking from the same cup, can or bottle.
  6. Students should wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer each time they return to their desks.
  7. Students should exercise social distancing whenever possible.
  8. If exposed to Covid-19 please inform staff. You will not be allowed to return unless you have a negative test result or unless you self-quarantine for at least 10 days after symptoms.


The Discipleship Ministry is for new and growing Christians who desire a closer walk with God. Good for any age Christian to develop a one-on-one friendship with new members. There are 10 lessons in a one-on-one environment.

Music Ministry

Pastor Steve & Mrs. Sharon Smail

This is a vital ministry used to prepare the hearers for the preaching of God’s Word, using God-given talents to serve God with instruments or voice. Also used in outreach ministries such as nursing homes, jails, etc.

For more information, please contact the church office at (269) 664-3229.